"The Scientific Approach to Muscular Pain Relief"

Injuries/Surgery Recoveries I often treat:
Headaches, whiplash, back pain, herniated disk syndrome, scoliosis, neck and shoulder pain, hip and knee pain, foot pain and plantar faciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, thoracic outlet syndrome, shin splints, tendonitis, spasms, cramps, trigger points, osteoarthritis, and other conditions of musculoskeletal dysfunction.

I have also taken an interest in using therapeutic grade essential oils and have taken on a combination of professional and self study in that area. I offer the use of essential oils to patients who are interested to enhance deeper strategies of healing.


Before your appointment:
I like to do a free telephone interview, gathering general information about the caller, to determine what the callers’ need for massage therapy is. I explain what my services are that specifically relate to the callers’ physical conditions that would indicate the need for Neuromuscular Therapy. (This is considered “deep tissue” work.) If there are no contra-indications, and the caller is satisfied with the services I have explained, we then schedule an appointment time.

A beginning session would be approximately 90 minutes, and would include a “postural assessment” -that is- I would be looking at the persons’ structure to document structural/muscular imbalances or how the body is holding itself in space. Also, there may be an assessment of gait, or walking pattern. I explain communication, as this is very important so I perform the body work techniques at a comfort level that is acceptable. Therapy should never hurt.  This first session includes about 1 hour of massage therapy. Your investment:$70

I ask that the person commit to a minimum of 2 sessions. The second session would be approximately 75 minutes, and it includes further discussion about results from the first session and an hour of massage therapy. The need for further treatment is determined at that time. Your investment: $60

Occasionally, under certain circumstances (ie surgery such as a knee replacement) it is possible to schedule shortened appointments to work with specific areas of the body only. Your investment:$40


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