"The Scientific Approach to Muscular Pain Relief"

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Spectrum Muscular Therapy specializes in the relief of muscular pain by using deep tissue massage–or Neuromuscular Therapy. Massage provides a safe, alternative choice to drugs and surgery for lasting pain relief.

Your therapy will be tailored to your specific needs through an assessment, which is used to look for posture/muscular holding patterns–or specific ways you hold your body due to pain.

Soft tissue treatments are used to address muscular and nerve pain as well as your structural imbalance patterns. These treatments will provide pain relief and correct your imbalances, creating body better alignment. For more information please see the “Services” tab.

Injuries/Surgery Recoveries I often treat:
Headaches, whiplash, back pain, herniated disk syndrome, scoliosis, neck and shoulder pain, hip and knee pain, foot pain and plantar faciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, thoracic outlet syndrome, shin splints, tendonitis, spasms, cramps, trigger points, osteoarthritis, and other conditions of musculoskeletal dysfunction.