"The Scientific Approach to Muscular Pain Relief"


My name is Julie A. Szivecz*. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) in the state of Wisconsin. My training began in 1990 at Lakeside School of Natural Therapeutics (later Lakeside School of Massage Therapy) graduating in 1991. In the 23 years since then, I have extended my massage education to include a very wide variety of modalities – all with the idea I can offer a “spectrum” of services. I have approximately 1,200 hours of training and continue further education on a regular basis.

I am a professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) for the entire length of my career and served on the AMTA WI Chapter Board for 6 years

Here is my field of specialization:I am also a Certified Neuromuscular Massage Therapist (CNMT) through St John Neuromuscular Therapy Training certification program. My training began in 1991 and I certified in 1994. This is a specialized form of massage that focuses on muscle/nerve pain using scientifically based, specific techniques designed to reduce or eliminate painful physical conditions. A whole body approach is utilized to facilitate healing on multiple levels.

Currently, I am on staff as an educator at the Milwaukee School of Massage located at 830 E.Chambers St, Milwaukee, WI 53212. I teach a variety of classes related to Neuromuscular Therapy. I have been teaching since 2004.

I have recently completed training in Compassionate Touch, a specialized form of massage geared toward working with the elder population.

I have also taken an interest in using therapeutic grade essential oils and have taken on a combination of professional and self study in that area. I offer the use of essential oils to patients who are interested to enhance deeper strategies of healing.

At this time I am working out of my home location at W1877 North Street, Sullivan WI  53178. The phone number is 262-593-8454. My office is actually located in Rome-3 miles outside of Sullivan. The office setting is in a beautiful, peaceful setting with a mix of professional atmosphere.


*Pronounced “see-vets”



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